Event Stylist vs Event Planner

Ever wondered what a wedding/event stylist does versus what a wedding/event planner does? There may be a few overlap in what we do. Both are significant. Both will help you carry out successful events. Both will make your life in hosting events easier. Both will help you make positive impact! Both will make you look like the hostess with the mostest. Both will make your event photos look good on Facebook/Instagram. Both will help your photos get featured on wedding and event blogs! It’s HOW we achieve the goals that are different. But let’s look at the overlap first.


Some of the things we may do that overlap are:

  1. Venue suggestions
  2. Budget management (planners for the whole event, and stylists for the decor aspect).
  3. Rentals

Although there are overlap in what we do, there are key differences.

Wedding/Event Stylist

Wedding and event stylists’ responsibilities are to create a positive impression, to stir up positive past memories, and to create a new memorable experience for guests and event go-ers through aesthetics. Making visual impact is one of the goals of stylists.

Stylists meet with clients to go over all things aesthetics related such as theme, color story, interests, vision, and vibe. We achieve the look by designing/crafting/using elements such as (Not an exhaustive list at all):

  1. Hand made props
  2. Backdrops
  3. Flowers
  4. Paper goods
  5. Rentals (chairs, linens, napkins, etc)
  6. Dessert table
  7. Photo booth props

We put together these elements to achieve the desired cohesive look and impact.

Wedding/Event Planner

Think of the wedding/event planner as the project manager. Their responsibility is to accomplish a project at a set budget. Throughout the cycle of the project, the project manager (PM) manages multiple teams, logistics, time resources, human resources, and the budget. They will always take into account the stakeholders, those interested and invested in the project. Having had the opportunity to work with planners, we must say that they are so much more and can be so much more!

Much like a project manager, the event planner overseas the entire event. He or she does the following to successfully carry out an event (not an exhaustive list whatsoever):

  1. Understands the client’s goals (hopes and dreams)
  2. Handles scheduling logistics
  3. Manages the budget
  4. Coordinates with vendors
  5. Handles contracts
  6. Provides a list of preferred vendors (i.e. event stylist)
  7. Scouts venues

Wedding stylists and planners we may work together shoulder to shoulder. After all, a stylist is a vendor that planners may go to for help in achieving the event goals. If a client does not work with a planner, they may work with the stylist directly.

You see, we play different roles and we do different things. But in the end, we work with clients, brides, and couples, to make their event, the most memorable ever!

* Disclosure, we are speaking from the point of view of event stylists.

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