Figuring Out Your Floral Style

Once you’ve figured out what kinds of flowers you prefer, it’s helpful to have some words to put with your ideas so you know what you’re asking when talking to potential florists. Here are some of the most common floral styles you’ll see:


CLASSIC: Classic floral design is usually round and crisp, and often features roses. (Bouquet by Doll’s Blumen, image by Claire Morgan via Martha Stewart Weddings. Centerpiece by Jackson Durham, image by Melissa Schollaert Photography via Style Me Pretty.) 

ROMANTIC: Romantic designs feature looser, fluffier flowers, and often utilize neutrals in the pink family (think white, beige, and blush). (Bouquet by The Ivy Cottage Flowers and Gifts, image by Ashley Seawell Photography via Mod Wedding. Centerpiece by Sisters Floral Design Studio, image by Clairy Pfeiffer via Elizabeth Anne Designs.)


NATURAL: These flowers are inspired by (you guessed it) nature, and feature more greenery, and loose, organic designs. (Bouquet by Blush and Bloom, image by 3Photography via Ruffled. Centerpiece by Verbena Floral Design, image by Loft Photographie via Style Me Pretty.)

BOLD: Want something a little outside the box with bright flowers and major color? Bold is what you’re looking for. (Bouquet by Belle Flower, image by Allison Andres Photography via A Practical Wedding. Centerpiece by The Southern Table, image by Charla Storey Photography via Style Me Pretty.)


MODERN: A more minimal design, usually featuring clean lines and modern shapes. (Bouquet by Designs by Ahn, image by Belatheé Photography via Erganic Events. Centerpiece by Justine Rose, image by Photography by Caspix via Ruffled.)


WILD: Wild floral design is having a moment right now. This style is typically characterized by lots of different colors and textures, and a looser more free-flowing design. (Bouquet by Helene Gutjahr, image by Kibogo Photography via Style Me Pretty. Centerpiece by Michelle Edgemont, image by City Love Photography via A Practical Wedding.)


In reality, most of these styles have a lot of overlap (maybe you want a wild bouquet with romantic colors, or a classic bouquet with a natural vibe), so don’t worry about figuring out the exact term for what you want. Instead, use these ideas as a guide when doing your research and communicating with our florist.

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